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Author of New Pompeii & The Synapse Sequence

Publishing (All External Links)

My agent, Ian Drury (Sheil Land Associates) can be found here.

Titan Books have their website here.

Cornerstones Literary Consultancy (who provided advice on New Pompeii and Johnny Max and the Panther’s Skull) can be contacted here.

New Pompeii (All External Links)

I was interviewed on the Starburst Radio BookWorm Podcast (Episode 62) here.

I was interviewed on the Library Journal site here.

I was interviewed on the Qwillery website here.

I was interviewed on the SFFWorld website here.

I picked out “Five Novels on…” Ancient Rome at Tor.com here!

Time travel stories in plays, movies, TV shows, books and video games is on the Forces of Geek website here!

Some thoughts on research and fiction writing is on the Unbound Worlds website here!

On Editing, on the Cornerstones Blog is here!

Empire of Time (All External Links)

Five Facts about Empire of Time on Unbound Worlds website is here.

The Synapse Sequence (All External Links)

Five books I read as a child that influence my work is here.

Five Non-Detective Detectives is here.

Thoughts on the Future of the Crime Novel is here.

My approach to writing near future science fiction is here.

Interview on Paul Semel’s website is here.

The Forthcoming Employment Crisis is here.

Ways that technology interrelates with storytelling is here.

Interview with Frumious Consortium is here.

Misc Articles (All External Links)

My article on Self Publishing and Traditional Publishing (Self Publishing Mag) is here!

I picked out “Five Tie-in Novels” on the Barnes and Noble Blog, here!

I was interviewed at The Fantasy Hive, here!