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Author of New Pompeii & The Synapse Sequence

1. Ship in which Picard performed his famous manoeuvre

2. Unit which indicates speed of a certain space-going bird

3. Ground (and ceiling) breaking TV producer

4. SF, but not SF?

5. Author, Left Hand of Darkness

6. Something of a Hive Monkey?

7. Rapidly multiplying creature, which sometimes carries  risk of explosion!

8. Perhaps first modern sci-fi tale?

9. Desert Planet, which has a bit of a worm problem

10. Screenwriter, the Empire Strikes Back

11. Professor, who found something strange buried beneath London

12. First Captain of NCC-1701, or turtle chasing reporter (depending on point of view)

13. Original name of Deep Space Nine

14. Desert Planet, which has a bit of a Hutt problem

15. Informally known as Thrawn

16. Planet, home to a certain bug eyed monster

17. Land in which everyone wants to, but nobody can

18. Both Schwarzenegger and Farrell have an imperfect memory of this novel

19. Second century travelogue (to the moon!)

No cheating, but the answers are here!

Posted as part of Rinn Reads Sci-Fi Month - November 2016