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Author of New Pompeii & The Synapse Sequence

Marine Drive – Fancy a bit of early morning exercise before things get going? Then head down the cliff tram (or take the steps) and walk (or run!) from the commercial south bay (with its slot machines and foodstalls) round to the more peaceful north bay (and its rock pools).

My favourite spot along the marine drive is a steel sculpture, called Freddie Gilroy and the Belsen Stragglers, which is based on a former miner who was one of the first Allied soldiers to enter Belsen concentration camp on its liberation in World War II.

Continuing into north bay, the road (Columbus Ravine) passed Peasholme Park will take you back into town and to the conference hotel.

Peasholme Park – An oriental-themed park within Scarborough’s north bay. Unfortunately, the mock naval battles on the park’s main lake (I kid you not!) will all have finished by the time of StokerCon, but the park will remain a nice distraction from the hustle of the rest of the town.

North Yorkshire Moors – For those arriving by car, Scarborough is just a stone’s throw from the beauty of the North Yorkshire Moors. And on the way home, why not stop off at Castle Howard (just off the road to York?)

Peasholm Park

…to show scale of Freddie

…and don’t miss your chance to get a photo next to Scarborough’s TARDIS - a Grade II listed structure - South Bay, just below the Grand

So for everyone coming to StokerCon, I hope you enjoy Scarborough and come back again soon!

One of the oldest museum’s in the UK, the Rotunda museum is within walking distance of the Grand Hotel.

The museum includes many fossils from along the Yorkshire ‘Dinosaur’ coast.

I lived near Scarborough until I went to University, and attended the town’s Sixth Form College. No doubt everyone at StokerCon will spend their time dashing between the two main hotels. However, if you arrive a day earlier or stay after the Con has finished - or maybe have family joining you who want to explore the town and its surroundings - then the following are the things not to miss!

Scarborough Castle – Dominating the headland between the town’s north and south bays, the castle also includes the remnants of an old Roman Signal Station!

The climb up to the fortress is steep but the views are spectacular, as are the ruins. Indeed, the castle was so imposing, the German Navy decided to shell it in 1914 – long after it had been abandoned! (The Grand Hotel – the main hotel of StokerCon – was also hit during the bombardment).

As a literary aside, Anne Bronte (The Tenant of Wildfell Hall) is buried in St. Mary’s Churchyard, beneath the castle walls.

Scarborough Castle

Stephen Joseph Theatre – Famous for being the theatre at which Alan Ayckbourn premieres most of his plays, the Stephen Joseph Theatre will probably be the first thing you see if you arrive in Scarborough by train.

Only five minutes to spare? Then there’s a little art gallery just across the road from The Grand which I would suggest you check out which sells quirky paintings of the town: https://www.tracysavage.co.uk/ (External Site)